Using a SafeSleeve Laptop Case: The Amazing Difference

The SafeSleeve company is like no other.  At one time this company started as a small dream from people who wanted to help others avoid the harmful effects of radiation that everyone encounters from their electronic device.  It has grown into much more with a variety of products that are specifically designed for different devices so everyone has access to the safety that they deserve.

Most people go through their life without feeling the desire to protect themselves from the radiation that is emitted from their electronic devices.  As these devices have become more prevalent there are studies that are showing that they may cause serious damage after long-term use.  Instead of waiting until this damage has been done SafeSleeve cases gives electronic device user’s the opportunity to protect themselves.

Radiation and Using a SafeSleeve Case

SafeSleeve cases are not a one trick pony.  They are able to protect against extremely low frequencies, radio frequencies, and thermal radiation.  Their cases are different from most on the market because they are not only functional as a case, but they are truly helping their user stay healthier.

The case itself does not stop the radiation from being emitted.  Instead, it directs the radiation away from the user to avoid any contact.  While this does not protect the user one-hundred percent, it is able to reduce over ninety-five percent of the radiation that would have been absorbed.

There are cases that can be used for laptops and cell phones.  With either device, it is as simple as putting on the case and forgetting about it. The case will always work to direct the radiation away from the body so the user can continue to use their devices without as much worry about the long-term effects.

Independent studies have been completed on the SafeSleeve cases.  The company provides their findings on their website.  They have measured the amount of radiation that the cases have been able to divert away from their users to show up to ninety-five percent is directed away from the body.

What’s The Big Deal?

There are many people that are extremely sensitive to this type of radiation. With a person who is sensitive to the radiation their devices are putting off, they can physically feel the effects of being near a device.  Although not everyone experiences this.

Even people who do not realize their body is being affected should worry about the long-term effects of radiation exposure. As these devices surround our bodies with these harmful waves there is damage being done. There is not enough research complete to show exactly what the long-term effects are going to be.  However, there are enough studies to know it is best to protect the body against this radiation before the effects become prevalent.

Many products that have been found to have lasting effects on the body are discovered when it is too late. This causes many people to unnecessarily suffer while research takes its time catching up. Fortunately, with the many studies on electronic devices, people are aware that these types of radiations are a problem and know that they need to correct it before it is too late.

Let’s Focus on the Case

The SafeSleeve case is not made to appear like a safety device, other than the fact it looks like a regular phone case. It is not bulky or obvious that it is protecting against the radiation that is emitted from electronic devices. In fact, they are made in multiple colors to allow users to still match their own style with the case and still be protected.

Some products that are ordered often give off a pre-packaged smell.  Whether it is from production or from sitting in a warehouse this smell can be very unpleasant. It may rub off onto clothing or people’s hands as they use their new product. Fortunately, this is not a problem with the SafeSleeve cases.

When specifically looking at the laptop case there are many more functions than just protecting against radiation. The laptop case is designed to help keep the device cooler as it is running. Even with a laptop that is kept on for a long period of time, it feels significantly cooler to the touch and the fan runs noticeably less. This helps users have the peace of mind that their device is not working too hard to run, especially, if they have to have it on for hours at a time.

These cases were made for travel. There is even a small mouse pad that flips out and allows the user to work virtually anywhere. Not only is the laptop better protected during travel, the user is also able to better utilize the device anywhere they go, without the major risks of radiation exposure.

Without a Doubt

A SafeSleeve case is a good investment. Whether a person is using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone it is something they should purchase. Every device that emits harmful radiation should have some degree of protection on it to help the user avoid as much of the radiation as possible.

While these cases do not protect one-hundred percent, their findings are backed by independent testing. The products are able to protect users up to ninety-five percent which is much greater than some of the imitation cases available. SafeSleeve is a great product to buy as a gift or for oneself to feel a little better about being on an electronic device all day long.

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