Smartphone Cases The Simple Truth About SafeSleeve

Stop using that smartphone, put down the tablet, and step away from the laptop.  While all of these concepts seem crazy to modern technology users, they still hold an important message.  People need to become more aware of the damage that their devices are doing to their bodies.  Each electronic device emits radiation that is constantly being absorbed by the body.  One way to tackle this problem without avoiding that smartphone is to use a SafeSleeve case that protects against radiation.

A Little Too Close for Comfort

Review of SafeSleeve

When looking at the many portable devices people carry around the smartphone is one that is seen attached to many people at all times.  Whether they are scrolling through social media, texting, surfing the web, or even chatting on the phone they have their smartphone out and running.

So many smartphone users do not know about the hidden danger that they are putting themselves in while using these devices.  With every phone call, they come closer to potential health problems.  Problem exposure to electronic devices means prolonged exposure to radiation.

The fact that electronic devices are emitting radiation is news to many people.  They have not spent a second thinking about the device they carry with them everywhere and what it could be doing to their body.  Not enough is known about the radiation that is being emitted from electronic devices.  Many people are researching the potential for this to become a huge problem in the future and advocating for technology users to be careful.

Avoiding radiation is the goal.  At SafeSleeve they have created a product that helps to prevent the radiation from being directed at the body.  Reducing the amount of radiation that the person is going to absorb over time.  For many products, SafeSleeve makes anti-radiation cases including a variety of styles of smartphone cases to fit many brands.

It is clear to see the frequency in which a person uses their electronic device is going to play a role in what damage their body endures.  The more someone is around something harmful the more damage will be dealt.  Smartphones are a huge culprit in providing users with an ample supply of radiation exposure.

A smartphone is designed to be held close to the body.  Unlike a laptop that can be put on a table and then used.  To make a call on a phone most people put the phone up to the ear.  Phone calls can range from only a few seconds to hours depending on the conversation.  Many that use their smartphone for work have to be around their phone for hours at a time all while being exposed to radiation.

To reduce the amount of exposure people have to radiation there is one simple trick besides the easy solution of buying an anti-radiation case, simply hold the phone further away from the body.  The further away the phone is the less radiation will reach the body.  This is due to the decay rate of the radiation being emitted.  The further the radiation has to travel the better.

Making phone calls in this manner can be a problem.  There are many people that love to use their Bluetooth technology in their phone and will set their phone down while having an extended conversation.  However, this is not always possible.  Many times people are in a public place where they would not want their conversation to be out loud for everyone to hear.

To make everything much easier SafeSleeve has crafted their anti-radiation cases.  The case stops the radiation from traveling towards the user’s body.  Instead, the radiation is directed out and away from the body.  While this is a fantastic solution to the problem the SafeSleeve cases need to be examined themselves.

Choosing the SafeSleeve Brand

Choosing SafeSleeve Case

When it was first discovered that there may be harmful effects coming from electronic devices many took the stance that they needed to be purge from daily use.  There are many articles outlying the dangerous effects of radiation from electronic devices that hope to persuade people to stop using these products.  However, in this day and age, this is simply for a possibility.

Electronic devices like smartphones are integrated into everyone’s lives.  Until a better, more convenient product is produced people will continue to use them.  Regardless of the risks that they may pose.  Instead of trying to stop people from using these devices SafeSleeve sought to create a way to make it safer to continue using our beloved electronic devices.

As more people have learned about the dangers of radiation from electronic devices that has been an influx of new products to protect against radiation.  Which is great for users who are seeking this solution but it is also dangerous because many of these companies are producing products that do not deliver.

The power of suggestion is a wonderful tool for advertisers.  Companies rely on it to sell a product that does not actually function in the way it was suggested.  Some companies suggest that their products are able to protect users from radiation, but they do not have the data to back up these claims.

SafeSleeve does this differently.  Their findings speak for themselves.  They have taken the time to test their products and to see how they truly react with the radiation coming off devices.  The results of these tests are available to the public on the same website that the products can be purchased.  Making it easy to learn more about the validity of the products.

One Phone Case to Rule Them All

SafeSleeve Phone Case

SafeSleeve did not make a product with only the thought of protecting users from radiation.  While this is the primary goal in using the SafeSleeve smartphone cases the cases do much more.  Each case that SafeSleeve makes is crafted to fit their designated device perfectly and in style.

“The cases feel nice and minimal in a pocket, as well, and are clearly made with a good deal of craftsmanship.” In a Forbes article, the SafeSleeve cases were reviewed to show their high quality and their concentration on the design on the case.  Other anti-radiation cases on the market do not focus on replicating a typical phone case and can often come across as functional but not stylish.

For their smartphone cases, SafeSleeve does have a different case for each major brand name phone.  As new phones come out the company crafts a new case to fit perfectly.  However, it is obvious that not everyone is going to keep up to date on the latest phone and not all brands are represented on the SafeSleeve site.  So there is a one-size-fits-all case for those that do not have a phone that has its own case.

To put the case on a phone is very simple.  A user simply has to snap their phone into the case and they are ready to protect themselves against radiation.  The case itself is minimal and does not have many of the bulky qualities of sub-par anti-radiation cases that are available.  Each case has a flap on the front that can be closed to protect the screen from becoming scratched while in a person’s pocket.

Each of the phone cases is fitted with an area for people to put a few credit cards, as well.  This specific part of the case brings something else to the table, RFID blocking technology.  RFID blocking technology stops anyone from stealing credit card information from unsuspecting users.  Not only does the case protect the user from radiation it is also working to protect against identity theft.

The case itself is simply designed and works well to match anyone’s style.  There are multiple color choices to choose from.  A simple black to go with anything to more bold colors like red.  Each case has a simple stitch on the outside which is sometimes a different color than the case to really add that flare of color to make the case feel much more stylish.

Material is important when making a phone case.  Since there are many colors the case comes in it is made from a synthetic polyurethane.  With the careful stitching on the case, it appears to be made from a leather, without needing to cost as much as a genuine leather case.

With all of the design elements coming together it is clear to see why SafeSleeve is an easy choice for users.  They can use a SafeSleeve case to protect themselves and they are still using a case that is beautifully crafted.  By looking at the case while on the phone it is impossible to tell that it is actually made to protect against radiation.  It simply looks like a carefully crafted expensive phone case.

The Importance of SafeSleeve Cases

importance of safe sleeve case

As portable electronic devices were created people had no idea how integrated they would become in our everyday lives.  Nor did we expect that they could present such a danger to our bodies.  Even the greatest creations can ultimately be bad for our health, even if they do help in our everyday lives.

Portable devices like smartphones make life easier.  Anyone can access information in the blink of an eye.  Making work much easier.  They also provide us with entertainment while we have downtime in between the busy activities in our lives.  Which is why few people are willing to give up their electronic devices.

Even when presented with information about the harmful effects that these devices are producing.  Some are skeptical about the information being presented.  While others acknowledge the dangers, but see no alternative to using their electronic devices on a day to day basis.

It is so important for companies to take this into consideration when making their products.  Companies like SmartSleeve know that people need to use their electronic devices throughout their day and possibly for hours at a time.  So they need to fit these needs and create a product that helps reduce their risk of radiation exposure instead of urging people to stop using these helpful devices.


People have learned that they cannot trust everything that they see on the internet.  Misinformation is presented as fact quite often.  With all of the information available on the internet, it is often difficult to discern what is true and what is not.

Trust in a company is what it boils down to.  Trusting a company to not put out false information and to deliver on a product is important when building a client base.  SafeSleeve provides information about their products that no other company would dare share.

On the website, users can look at the company’s finding to decide for themselves if they want to buy the product.  Nothing puts trust in the company like providing the results of testing that the products had to go through.  Regardless of user testimony, it does come down to the function of the anti-radiation technology.

Striving for Greatness

SafeSleeve is not a company that is only out to make money.  They are interested in making a product that provides users with peace of mind while they use their electronic devices.  The quality that is poured into each case is visible and users love to use a product that works well.

One problem that some cases have is stopped the user from using their phone properly.  Ill-fitting cases can make it difficult to press the correct button, to hear the speaker, or even to use the phone at all.  The anti-radiation technology has to be crafted in a way that it does not interfere with how the phone works.

There is no worry that a SafeSleeve case will stop a person from making a phone call or send a message.  The anti-radiation technology works to direct radiation away but not to stop the signal from being transmitted out.

The company attempts to make as many perfectly fitted cases as possible.  This helps to avoid any accidental slipping out of a case.  It also stops the case from blocking any vital pieces in the phone.  A poorly fitted case can block the camera lens, buttons, or speaker making everything much more difficult to use.

Finding a company to trust is not an easy task.  Research is necessary to make sure every product purchase is going to deliver on the company’s promises.  A company that presents information readily makes it easier to make an educated decision.  When a company holds craftsmanship and quality over everything else it is clear in their product.