SafeSleeve – A Revolutionary Phone Case Protecting Users One Device At a Time

While reviewing phone cases people focus on durability, the aesthetics, and how well the case is able to protect the phone inside.  Most cases come a dime a dozen.  There are few differences between the quality of the cases since there are so many companies that want to produce cheap phone cases.  One company, SafeSleeve, has stepped up their game and completely revolutionized the phone case industry with anti-radiation phone cases. And that’s what were here to discuss at SafeSleeve Reviews. Does the SafeSleeve case actually do what it claims to do?


There is a split between smartphone users.  There are users that are confused by the need for anti-radiation technology and the users that are aware of the problem.  Not many people realize how dangerous their smartphone is and how it is potentially damaging our bodies.

As the smartphone industry is thriving there are many researchers that are looking into the possible harmful effects that these devices will have after long-term use.  Like many products smartphones could be found to have lasting damage to everyone that uses them.  Instead of waiting until it is too late to correct the problem SafeSleeve developed a product that helps to cut down on the amount of radiation that is absorbed while using an electronic device.



This is especially important with how many people use their smartphone on a regular basis.  There are many people that have their smartphone in their hand or pocket at all hours of the day.  The scary part is that while adults are using smartphones on a regular basis teenagers and children are on them even more.

There have been studies that have shown the younger a person is the easier it is for radiation to be absorbed.  The skull becomes thicker as people age and helps to protect against outside forces like radiation better.  Children who are using electronic devices on a regular basis are absorbing much more radiation than the adults around them.

The Case

The SafeSleeve cases are designed with radiation shielding technology.  This technology was developed to protect against multiple radiations that are produced by electronic devices.  The military grade technology will deter thermal radiation, ELF radiation, and RF radiation.  The case directs the radiation away from sensitive parts of the body while allowing for regular use of the device.

This company has used independent testing to study their product.  These tests have shown that radiation can be blocked up to ninety-five percent by using their cases.  That is a whole lot of peace of mind for anyone that is on their device on a regular basis.

Using the Product

Sometimes products fall flat from their intended purpose.  Usually, if something is used to make a situation or item safer it makes it much harder to handle or use.  Luckily, SafeSleeve cases do not have this issue.  These cases are made with the user in mind.  The cases are sleek and fit to their designated device beautifully.

The cases themselves are made to look like a regular phone case.  Depending on the device a person is ordering a case for there are multiple colors to choose from.  The company has designed cases for many of the big named phones on the market and has one size fits all cases for those devices that are not as well known.

Like any good electronic device case, it protects against falls and helps to protect the screen from becoming scratched.  There are a back cover and a front cover that is secured with a magnetic clasp.  This cover can be used as a stand, as well.

Plus there are slots for credit cards.  With these pockets, there is an added safety feature.  The case utilizes anti-RFID technology.  Which will deter anyone from stealing information from the cards that are in the case.

With all of these features, the SafeSleeve cases are a no-brainer.  They function as a protective case for electronic devices.  The cases themselves are crafted to be aesthetically pleasing.  It can function as a stand and a wallet.  Plus every user is protected against the radiation that they absorb on a daily basis as they use their device.  SafeSleeve is a must-have for everyone that uses a smartphone.

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