Protect Against Electronic Device Radiation A Brand Above the Rest: SafeSleeve

There are many people that are aware of the problem that their electronic devices are presenting.  No, it is not being a major distraction, although they certainly can be, it is the problem of emitting dangerous radiation.  Anyone that is unaware of this issue should take note and everyone else that is already searching for a solution should look no further.  There is a possible solution in the SafeSleeve line of cases.

A Brief Overview of the Cases

The company SafeSleeve has been working to make cases that help to block harmful radiation from reaching electronic device users.  As these cases have been developed they have created specially fit cases for major brands of smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops.  All devices that can emit radiation and products that people use on a daily basis.

Do not worry about the style of these cases.  No one will be able to tell the difference between a typical case and the SafeSleeve case.  They are created to look just like a regular case, but they hold an added safety benefit.

The front flap of these cases has a plate that helps to block the radiation.  This plate is able to block up to ninety-nine percent of radiation frequencies and ninety-two percent of extremely low frequencies.  While having this plate all about the phone would help to block radiation completely, it would also block all usage of the device too.

This plate can stop a phone call from processing or a device from connecting to the internet if it surrounded the device completely.  By only having the plate on one side of the device the harmful radiation is stopped in its tracks and directed away.  Which is why it is important to have the plate in the right area during use.

While simply carrying a device around always have the front flap touching the body.  This directs the radiation away.  If using the device without the flap always keep it at least six to eight inches away from the body to maximize the chance of reducing radiation exposure.

Besides the radiation protection technology, each smartphone case comes equipped with a few credit card pockets.  The pockets have RFID blocking technology.  This technology stops someone from stealing the sensitive information on the card as the user carries them in the phone case.

The Biggest Culprit: The Smartphone

It would be difficult to find more than one person in a crowd that does not have a smartphone in their pocket.  Almost everyone is carrying around a smartphone.  Some use it for work while others use it for leisure.  Both users are being subjected to harmful radiation as they use their smartphones on a daily basis.

The scary part of this is that most people do not realize that they are in danger.  They are completely unaware that radiation is emitted from their device.  So they simply do not know they need to protect themselves.  Which makes a product that SafeSleeve smartphone cases even more necessary.

These cases are visually similar to other smartphone cases.  There is a case that wraps around the majority of the phone and a front flap that is secured by a magnet that is safe to have around electronic devices.  There are multiple colors the cases come in and each one has beautiful stitching to really make the product look pristine.

To protect the phone itself the inside of the front flap has a micro-fiber liner that is soft to the touch.  Under this liner, there is an insert that helps to absorb the impact from a fall.  Then come the lead-free anti-radiation and RFID blocking material that is a staple of the product.  Finally, the outside of the case is made from non-slip material to help reduce the instances of dropping the smartphone.

For ease of use, this smartphone case folds into a stand.  By bending the front cover back the case uses a tri-fold method to support the phone as the user watches videos.  A simple way to get the device out of a users hand and at a safe distance away.

Protecting a device against breaking if dropping is important to many users.  Some users look for cases that are specific to drop protection.  The impact resistance layer helps the phone stay in one piece if dropped.

Using the wallet in the smartphone case is convenient.  It can hold up to four cards making it easy to ditch the wallet in favor of the safer option.  With these four card slots, the RFID blocking technology stops anyone who attempts to steal information from these cards.

The most important aspect of this case is the radiation protection layer.  SafeSleeve is a company that is not interested in taking people’s money for a product that does not work.  They deliver on their promises in providing a great product that truly protects against radiation.  Unlike, many knock-off versions that have no studies to back up their claims.

One of the best parts of using SafeSleeve products is the diversity they bring to the table when it comes to product selection.  They continue to create new products that will fit a variety of brands perfectly.  If they do not have a case that fits the brand of phone a user owns they do have a one size fits all case that will do the trick.

Runner-Up: The Tablet

For all purposes, the tablet cases are simply large smartphone cases.  They have many of the same features of the smartphone case but lack the wallet portion since few people carry their cards with their tablet.  The case is able to be folded into a stand, which is even more helpful with the larger screens of the tablet.

The case does not close with the magnet strap.  Instead, there is a bungee that wraps around the back of the case to keep it secured.  Something that many cases lack is the ability to change the position of the tablet while using the stand.  This case uses a swivel to allow for the stand to let the tablet lay horizontally or switch to sitting vertically.

In terms of protection against radiation, the tablet case does have some flaws.  The front flap of the case will hold the plate that directs radiation away.  When using a smartphone a person may answer a call, close the front flap, and then press that plate to their ear to divert the radiation away.

A tablet does not have this capability.  The screen is the entire point of using a tablet.  There is no way to cover the screen with a protective plate and still be able to use it.  That does not mean that the case is not useful.

The case still protects the body while carrying the device around.  The plate can be positioned to direct the radiation away from the body during transport.  Plus while the device is sitting in the stand a person can sit or stand at least six to eight inches away to minimize the amount of radiation that is reaching them.

Finally: The Laptop

Laptops are designed to be placed directly on a person’s lap during use.  Many people do use a protective barrier like a table, desk, or other case but the SafeSleeve case helps to truly protect against radiation.  There are several damaging effects that radiation can have to the body and research is finding many are linking laptop usage to infertility.

By using the case the radiation that is being absorbed by the lap is directed away from the body.  The desk portion of this laptop case is what holds the anti-radiation technology.  Along with this technology, it helps to keep the laptop cooler as it runs.  Which not only helps the user, it helps the laptop from overheating.

It doubles as a carrying case.  The laptop slips into the sleeve of the case to allow the user to carry the laptop anywhere they go and still have access to the anti-radiation technology.  Once at their destination they can fold the mouse pad up and use it as a miniature desk for the laptop.

A Layer of Protection

When attempting to choose a product that claims to protect against radiation that comes from electronic devices do not leave the decision up to chance.  Choose a product that proves that it is able to deliver on their promises.  The SafeSleeve cases are tested in FCC accredited labs.

These findings are published on their website for any user to review.  With FCC accreditation any user can feel safe using a SafeSleeve product.  The cases are stylish, are multi-functional, and they The cases are stylish, are multi-functional, and they do what they say.  Protect their user from the harmful effects of radiation.

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