SafeSleeve anti radiation product

Buying A SafeSleeve Case The Truth About Their Products

Users of smartphones are becoming increasingly aware of the damage these devices are doing to their bodies.  The radiation that is being emitted of these devices is alarming.  There are so many products that claim to block this radiation, but it is hard to find a good quality product that ...
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importance of safe sleeve case

Smartphone Cases The Simple Truth About SafeSleeve

Stop using that smartphone, put down the tablet, and step away from the laptop.  While all of these concepts seem crazy to modern technology users, they still hold an important message.  People need to become more aware of the damage that their devices are doing to their bodies.  Each electronic ...
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SafeSleeve – A Revolutionary Phone Case Protecting Users One Device At a Time

While reviewing phone cases people focus on durability, the aesthetics, and how well the case is able to protect the phone inside.  Most cases come a dime a dozen.  There are few differences between the quality of the cases since there are so many companies that want to produce cheap ...
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Protect Against Electronic Device Radiation A Brand Above the Rest: SafeSleeve

There are many people that are aware of the problem that their electronic devices are presenting.  No, it is not being a major distraction, although they certainly can be, it is the problem of emitting dangerous radiation.  Anyone that is unaware of this issue should take note and everyone else ...
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Using a SafeSleeve Laptop Case: The Amazing Difference

The SafeSleeve company is like no other.  At one time this company started as a small dream from people who wanted to help others avoid the harmful effects of radiation that everyone encounters from their electronic device.  It has grown into much more with a variety of products that are specifically designed ...
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