Buying A SafeSleeve Case The Truth About Their Products

Users of smartphones are becoming increasingly aware of the damage these devices are doing to their bodies.  The radiation that is being emitted of these devices is alarming.  There are so many products that claim to block this radiation, but it is hard to find a good quality product that comes from a trustworthy company.  When using a SafeSleeve case people feel safer and enjoy the many perks that the case brings to the table.

Anti-Radiation Technology in a SafeSleeve Product

SafeSleeve anti radiation product

There are many cases that SafeSleeve produces including smartphone cases and tablet cases.  These cases have anti-radiation technology to protect their users but they still look like a high-quality case that protects the electronic device.

Anti-radiation cases have been a popular product for other companies to produce.  SafeSleeve is a step above the rest as they use an FCC accredited lab to test their products.  The results of these tests have shown that their products are able to protect users against 99% of radio frequency radiation and 92% of extremely low-frequency radiation.

When using a smartphone case there are other bonus features, as well.  One being the RFID blocking technology in the wallet portion of the case.  The wallet portion can hold a few cards like credit cards.  With the RFID block technology, no one can steal the information from these cards leaving the user much safer from theft.

The case itself has a front flap that folds over the screen of the phone.  The inside of this flap is made from a material that cannot harm the screen and helps to reduce the number of scratches that the screen can get while the user is carrying the phone.

This front flap is also home to the anti-radiation technology.  The EMF shielding material is isolated in the front flap because it blocks all communications the phone can transmit.  If the entire case was made from it the phone would no longer work, making the device utterly unusable.

Always fold the front flap with shielding technology so it is facing the body while the phone is in use.  This will help to direct the radiation away from the body while the phone is in use.  It is also a good idea to keep this flap facing the body while carrying the device in a pocket.  This helps to direct the radiation the phone gives out away from the body while the phone is not in use.

Another way to help reduce the amount of radiation exposure is to keep the phone as far away from the body as possible.  Radiation has a decay rate.  With this decay rate the further away a device the lass radiation can ready the body.  Holding a phone up to eight inches away can greatly reduce radiation exposure.

The anti-radiation blocking technology in a SafeSleeve case is incredibly easy to use.  The user simply has to remember to fold the front flap so it is facing the body and the shielding technology goes to work.  There is very little thought that needs to go into this process.

The Versatile Phone Case

Versatile Phone Cases

The electronic device that threatens people’s safety the most is the smartphone.  Phones are made to be used within close proximity to the body.  People make phone calls and hold their phone close to their head.  All of that radiation that is being emitted is absorbed quickly.

This is why SafeSleeve has focused much of their attention on crafting their phone cases.  Each one of their phone cases simply looks like an average wallet-phone case combo.  They come in a variety of colors and are actually quite sleek in design.  Their case is made from a non-slip outer material that is accented by a different color stitching along the side for a simple stylish look.

Within this stylish case, there is a lot of technology for the safety of their users.  The outer cover of the case brings style.  The next layer down holds the anti-radiation or RFID blocking technology.  The third layer is an impact resistance layer that helps protect the phone when dropping.  Finally, the layer that touches the phone is made from a microfiber liner that protects against scratches.

To protect their users from radiation SafeSleeve uses an EMF radiation protection layer in their cases.  This layer has been tested in an FCC accredited lab.  With all of the results being posted on their website.  Giving peace of mind to any user who is skeptical of the products ability to protect against radiation.

The RFID blocking technology is becoming a necessity for any wallet.  There are people who use scanners to steal people’s credit card information all the time.  It is simply for someone to take this information, drain a person’s account, and walk away without any repercussions.  This technology stops this problem before it can even start.

To have the added layer of impact resistance is fantastic.  Many cases protect a phone from scratches but do little in the way of stopping a phone from breaking when dropped.  This layer helps protect the phone on all sides so it does not break.

Phone cases should be versatile.  The front flap folds to allow users to use the case as a stand.  Making it simple to play a video on a phone and not need to hold it up.  This is a feature that is carried over into some of the other cases SafeSleeve makes.

There are many cases that SafeSleeve produces.  Every version of phone that a company produces is a little different than the last and each brand has their own way of creating phones.  So SafeSleeve makes cases that fit specific versions of many big named brands.  For those phones that do not have a case made for them, there is a general case that fits many other brands of phones, as well.

The Larger Cases for Tablets

safesleeve for tablets

Tablets are essentially large phones.  The tablet cases made by SafeSleeve are very similar to their phone cases.  They still have the front flap and the anti-radiation technology.  The case itself can be folded to be used as a stand which is especially nice for a large tablet.  Plus the front flap is held close to the screen with a simple bungee strap.

One aspect of the tablet case that is vastly different than the phone case is the ability to change the tablets position while using the case as a stand.  It uses a swivel to allow the tablet to be positioned how the user needs it.  The traditional position, horizontal, or it can be changed to vertical to use the tablet while it stands up.

The cases use the same materials as the phone case allowing them to come in a variety of colors.  They fit well to the many versions of tablets on the market.  Plus they are still able to protect against radiation when the front flap is positioned close to the body.

There is a flaw in the design of this case, though.  The idea of the front flap being positioned close to the body works well for a phone.  Users are able to make a call and close the case.  Then they can put the phone up to their ear and use the phone as normal.

If a user attempted this with a tablet they would need to close the case around the screen.  Which is not possible while using the tablet to watch something.  The case is still useful for those that use their tablet to stream music and while in transit.  Plus it can be used if laying the tablet flat on someone’s lap.

However, there is no way to use the case to protect against radiation while watching something on the tablet besides keeping the tablet as far away as possible during use.  The case does provide more protection than others on the market from radiation, however, there is still a gap in the ability to protect against radiation at all times.

The Laptop A Fertility Killer

safesleeve for laptops

Few people know that their laptop can actually be hurting their chances at reproducing later in life.  Fertility issues have been linked to prolonged use of electronic devices and exposure to radiation.  Laptops are made to be sat on a person’s lap and all of the radiation is directed at delicate parts.

The cases for a laptop from SafeSleeve are versatile much like their phone cases.  Of course, they have anti-radiation technology.  These cases coming in a type of sleeve.  The laptop is carried within the sleeve and taken out during use.

While in use the sleeve should be used as a desk.  The anti-radiation technology is sat on the lap and the laptop on top of that blocking the radiation from being directed towards the body.  Since the case is used as a desk the company has made it breathable to help reduce overheating in the laptop.

Besides protecting against radiation the case also functions as a portable desk with a mouse pad.  This mouse pad can be unfolded onto the lap expanding the overall surface area of the case.  When not in use the mouse pad can be tucked away to avoid being in the way.  Overall, the case works wonders as a carrying case, blocks radiation, and makes it easy to use a laptop anywhere.

SafeSleeve Cases Deliver

The real problem with buying an anti-radiation case is knowing whether or not it will work.  SafeSleeve takes a lot of that worry out of the equation.  The company tests their cases and then gives all of their consumers access to the information that they found.

It is easy to trust a product that shows actual results.  Besides following through on the ability to protect against radiation each of the cases has many other functions as well.  Making the user’s life much easier overall.  SafeSleeve has great products that are definitely a good buy.