SafeSleeve anti radiation product

Buying A SafeSleeve Case The Truth About Their Products

Users of smartphones are becoming increasingly aware of the damage these devices are doing to their bodies.  The radiation that is being emitted of these devices is alarming.  There are so many products that claim to block this radiation, but it is hard to find a good quality product that comes from a trustworthy company.  When using a SafeSleeve case people feel safer and enjoy the many perks that the case brings to the table.

Anti-Radiation Technology in a SafeSleeve Product

SafeSleeve anti radiation product

There are many cases that SafeSleeve produces including smartphone cases and tablet cases.  These cases have anti-radiation technology to protect their users but they still look like a high-quality case that protects the electronic device.

Anti-radiation cases have been a popular product for other companies to produce.  SafeSleeve is a step above the rest as they use an FCC accredited lab to test their products.  The results of these tests have shown that their products are able to protect users against 99% of radio frequency radiation and 92% of extremely low-frequency radiation.

When using a smartphone case there are other bonus features, as well.  One being the RFID blocking technology in the wallet portion of the case.  The wallet portion can hold a few cards like credit cards.  With the RFID block technology, no one can steal the information from these cards leaving the user much safer from theft.

The case itself has a front flap that folds over the screen of the phone.  The inside of this flap is made from a material that cannot harm the screen and helps to reduce the number of scratches that the screen can get while the user is carrying the phone.

This front flap is also home to the anti-radiation technology.  The EMF shielding material is isolated in the front flap because it blocks all communications the phone can transmit.  If the entire case was made from it the phone would no longer work, making the device utterly unusable.

Always fold the front flap with shielding technology so it is facing the body while the phone is in use.  This will help to direct the radiation away from the body while the phone is in use.  It is also a good idea to keep this flap facing the body while carrying the device in a pocket.  This helps to direct the radiation the phone gives out away from the body while the phone is not in use.

Another way to help reduce the amount of radiation exposure is to keep the phone as far away from the body as possible.  Radiation has a decay rate.  With this decay rate the further away a device the lass radiation can ready the body.  Holding a phone up to eight inches away can greatly reduce radiation exposure.

The anti-radiation blocking technology in a SafeSleeve case is incredibly easy to use.  The user simply has to remember to fold the front flap so it is facing the body and the shielding technology goes to work.  There is very little thought that needs to go into this process.

The Versatile Phone Case

Versatile Phone Cases

The electronic device that threatens people’s safety the most is the smartphone.  Phones are made to be used within close proximity to the body.  People make phone calls and hold their phone close to their head.  All of that radiation that is being emitted is absorbed quickly.

This is why SafeSleeve has focused much of their attention on crafting their phone cases.  Each one of their phone cases simply looks like an average wallet-phone case combo.  They come in a variety of colors and are actually quite sleek in design.  Their case is made from a non-slip outer material that is accented by a different color stitching along the side for a simple stylish look.

Within this stylish case, there is a lot of technology for the safety of their users.  The outer cover of the case brings style.  The next layer down holds the anti-radiation or RFID blocking technology.  The third layer is an impact resistance layer that helps protect the phone when dropping.  Finally, the layer that touches the phone is made from a microfiber liner that protects against scratches.

To protect their users from radiation SafeSleeve uses an EMF radiation protection layer in their cases.  This layer has been tested in an FCC accredited lab.  With all of the results being posted on their website.  Giving peace of mind to any user who is skeptical of the products ability to protect against radiation.

The RFID blocking technology is becoming a necessity for any wallet.  There are people who use scanners to steal people’s credit card information all the time.  It is simply for someone to take this information, drain a person’s account, and walk away without any repercussions.  This technology stops this problem before it can even start.

To have the added layer of impact resistance is fantastic.  Many cases protect a phone from scratches but do little in the way of stopping a phone from breaking when dropped.  This layer helps protect the phone on all sides so it does not break.

Phone cases should be versatile.  The front flap folds to allow users to use the case as a stand.  Making it simple to play a video on a phone and not need to hold it up.  This is a feature that is carried over into some of the other cases SafeSleeve makes.

There are many cases that SafeSleeve produces.  Every version of phone that a company produces is a little different than the last and each brand has their own way of creating phones.  So SafeSleeve makes cases that fit specific versions of many big named brands.  For those phones that do not have a case made for them, there is a general case that fits many other brands of phones, as well.

The Larger Cases for Tablets

safesleeve for tablets

Tablets are essentially large phones.  The tablet cases made by SafeSleeve are very similar to their phone cases.  They still have the front flap and the anti-radiation technology.  The case itself can be folded to be used as a stand which is especially nice for a large tablet.  Plus the front flap is held close to the screen with a simple bungee strap.

One aspect of the tablet case that is vastly different than the phone case is the ability to change the tablets position while using the case as a stand.  It uses a swivel to allow the tablet to be positioned how the user needs it.  The traditional position, horizontal, or it can be changed to vertical to use the tablet while it stands up.

The cases use the same materials as the phone case allowing them to come in a variety of colors.  They fit well to the many versions of tablets on the market.  Plus they are still able to protect against radiation when the front flap is positioned close to the body.

There is a flaw in the design of this case, though.  The idea of the front flap being positioned close to the body works well for a phone.  Users are able to make a call and close the case.  Then they can put the phone up to their ear and use the phone as normal.

If a user attempted this with a tablet they would need to close the case around the screen.  Which is not possible while using the tablet to watch something.  The case is still useful for those that use their tablet to stream music and while in transit.  Plus it can be used if laying the tablet flat on someone’s lap.

However, there is no way to use the case to protect against radiation while watching something on the tablet besides keeping the tablet as far away as possible during use.  The case does provide more protection than others on the market from radiation, however, there is still a gap in the ability to protect against radiation at all times.

The Laptop A Fertility Killer

safesleeve for laptops

Few people know that their laptop can actually be hurting their chances at reproducing later in life.  Fertility issues have been linked to prolonged use of electronic devices and exposure to radiation.  Laptops are made to be sat on a person’s lap and all of the radiation is directed at delicate parts.

The cases for a laptop from SafeSleeve are versatile much like their phone cases.  Of course, they have anti-radiation technology.  These cases coming in a type of sleeve.  The laptop is carried within the sleeve and taken out during use.

While in use the sleeve should be used as a desk.  The anti-radiation technology is sat on the lap and the laptop on top of that blocking the radiation from being directed towards the body.  Since the case is used as a desk the company has made it breathable to help reduce overheating in the laptop.

Besides protecting against radiation the case also functions as a portable desk with a mouse pad.  This mouse pad can be unfolded onto the lap expanding the overall surface area of the case.  When not in use the mouse pad can be tucked away to avoid being in the way.  Overall, the case works wonders as a carrying case, blocks radiation, and makes it easy to use a laptop anywhere.

SafeSleeve Cases Deliver

The real problem with buying an anti-radiation case is knowing whether or not it will work.  SafeSleeve takes a lot of that worry out of the equation.  The company tests their cases and then gives all of their consumers access to the information that they found.

It is easy to trust a product that shows actual results.  Besides following through on the ability to protect against radiation each of the cases has many other functions as well.  Making the user’s life much easier overall.  SafeSleeve has great products that are definitely a good buy.

importance of safe sleeve case

Smartphone Cases The Simple Truth About SafeSleeve

Stop using that smartphone, put down the tablet, and step away from the laptop.  While all of these concepts seem crazy to modern technology users, they still hold an important message.  People need to become more aware of the damage that their devices are doing to their bodies.  Each electronic device emits radiation that is constantly being absorbed by the body.  One way to tackle this problem without avoiding that smartphone is to use a SafeSleeve case that protects against radiation.

A Little Too Close for Comfort

Review of SafeSleeve

When looking at the many portable devices people carry around the smartphone is one that is seen attached to many people at all times.  Whether they are scrolling through social media, texting, surfing the web, or even chatting on the phone they have their smartphone out and running.

So many smartphone users do not know about the hidden danger that they are putting themselves in while using these devices.  With every phone call, they come closer to potential health problems.  Problem exposure to electronic devices means prolonged exposure to radiation.

The fact that electronic devices are emitting radiation is news to many people.  They have not spent a second thinking about the device they carry with them everywhere and what it could be doing to their body.  Not enough is known about the radiation that is being emitted from electronic devices.  Many people are researching the potential for this to become a huge problem in the future and advocating for technology users to be careful.

Avoiding radiation is the goal.  At SafeSleeve they have created a product that helps to prevent the radiation from being directed at the body.  Reducing the amount of radiation that the person is going to absorb over time.  For many products, SafeSleeve makes anti-radiation cases including a variety of styles of smartphone cases to fit many brands.

It is clear to see the frequency in which a person uses their electronic device is going to play a role in what damage their body endures.  The more someone is around something harmful the more damage will be dealt.  Smartphones are a huge culprit in providing users with an ample supply of radiation exposure.

A smartphone is designed to be held close to the body.  Unlike a laptop that can be put on a table and then used.  To make a call on a phone most people put the phone up to the ear.  Phone calls can range from only a few seconds to hours depending on the conversation.  Many that use their smartphone for work have to be around their phone for hours at a time all while being exposed to radiation.

To reduce the amount of exposure people have to radiation there is one simple trick besides the easy solution of buying an anti-radiation case, simply hold the phone further away from the body.  The further away the phone is the less radiation will reach the body.  This is due to the decay rate of the radiation being emitted.  The further the radiation has to travel the better.

Making phone calls in this manner can be a problem.  There are many people that love to use their Bluetooth technology in their phone and will set their phone down while having an extended conversation.  However, this is not always possible.  Many times people are in a public place where they would not want their conversation to be out loud for everyone to hear.

To make everything much easier SafeSleeve has crafted their anti-radiation cases.  The case stops the radiation from traveling towards the user’s body.  Instead, the radiation is directed out and away from the body.  While this is a fantastic solution to the problem the SafeSleeve cases need to be examined themselves.

Choosing the SafeSleeve Brand

Choosing SafeSleeve Case

When it was first discovered that there may be harmful effects coming from electronic devices many took the stance that they needed to be purge from daily use.  There are many articles outlying the dangerous effects of radiation from electronic devices that hope to persuade people to stop using these products.  However, in this day and age, this is simply for a possibility.

Electronic devices like smartphones are integrated into everyone’s lives.  Until a better, more convenient product is produced people will continue to use them.  Regardless of the risks that they may pose.  Instead of trying to stop people from using these devices SafeSleeve sought to create a way to make it safer to continue using our beloved electronic devices.

As more people have learned about the dangers of radiation from electronic devices that has been an influx of new products to protect against radiation.  Which is great for users who are seeking this solution but it is also dangerous because many of these companies are producing products that do not deliver.

The power of suggestion is a wonderful tool for advertisers.  Companies rely on it to sell a product that does not actually function in the way it was suggested.  Some companies suggest that their products are able to protect users from radiation, but they do not have the data to back up these claims.

SafeSleeve does this differently.  Their findings speak for themselves.  They have taken the time to test their products and to see how they truly react with the radiation coming off devices.  The results of these tests are available to the public on the same website that the products can be purchased.  Making it easy to learn more about the validity of the products.

One Phone Case to Rule Them All

SafeSleeve Phone Case

SafeSleeve did not make a product with only the thought of protecting users from radiation.  While this is the primary goal in using the SafeSleeve smartphone cases the cases do much more.  Each case that SafeSleeve makes is crafted to fit their designated device perfectly and in style.

“The cases feel nice and minimal in a pocket, as well, and are clearly made with a good deal of craftsmanship.” In a Forbes article, the SafeSleeve cases were reviewed to show their high quality and their concentration on the design on the case.  Other anti-radiation cases on the market do not focus on replicating a typical phone case and can often come across as functional but not stylish.

For their smartphone cases, SafeSleeve does have a different case for each major brand name phone.  As new phones come out the company crafts a new case to fit perfectly.  However, it is obvious that not everyone is going to keep up to date on the latest phone and not all brands are represented on the SafeSleeve site.  So there is a one-size-fits-all case for those that do not have a phone that has its own case.

To put the case on a phone is very simple.  A user simply has to snap their phone into the case and they are ready to protect themselves against radiation.  The case itself is minimal and does not have many of the bulky qualities of sub-par anti-radiation cases that are available.  Each case has a flap on the front that can be closed to protect the screen from becoming scratched while in a person’s pocket.

Each of the phone cases is fitted with an area for people to put a few credit cards, as well.  This specific part of the case brings something else to the table, RFID blocking technology.  RFID blocking technology stops anyone from stealing credit card information from unsuspecting users.  Not only does the case protect the user from radiation it is also working to protect against identity theft.

The case itself is simply designed and works well to match anyone’s style.  There are multiple color choices to choose from.  A simple black to go with anything to more bold colors like red.  Each case has a simple stitch on the outside which is sometimes a different color than the case to really add that flare of color to make the case feel much more stylish.

Material is important when making a phone case.  Since there are many colors the case comes in it is made from a synthetic polyurethane.  With the careful stitching on the case, it appears to be made from a leather, without needing to cost as much as a genuine leather case.

With all of the design elements coming together it is clear to see why SafeSleeve is an easy choice for users.  They can use a SafeSleeve case to protect themselves and they are still using a case that is beautifully crafted.  By looking at the case while on the phone it is impossible to tell that it is actually made to protect against radiation.  It simply looks like a carefully crafted expensive phone case.

The Importance of SafeSleeve Cases

importance of safe sleeve case

As portable electronic devices were created people had no idea how integrated they would become in our everyday lives.  Nor did we expect that they could present such a danger to our bodies.  Even the greatest creations can ultimately be bad for our health, even if they do help in our everyday lives.

Portable devices like smartphones make life easier.  Anyone can access information in the blink of an eye.  Making work much easier.  They also provide us with entertainment while we have downtime in between the busy activities in our lives.  Which is why few people are willing to give up their electronic devices.

Even when presented with information about the harmful effects that these devices are producing.  Some are skeptical about the information being presented.  While others acknowledge the dangers, but see no alternative to using their electronic devices on a day to day basis.

It is so important for companies to take this into consideration when making their products.  Companies like SmartSleeve know that people need to use their electronic devices throughout their day and possibly for hours at a time.  So they need to fit these needs and create a product that helps reduce their risk of radiation exposure instead of urging people to stop using these helpful devices.


People have learned that they cannot trust everything that they see on the internet.  Misinformation is presented as fact quite often.  With all of the information available on the internet, it is often difficult to discern what is true and what is not.

Trust in a company is what it boils down to.  Trusting a company to not put out false information and to deliver on a product is important when building a client base.  SafeSleeve provides information about their products that no other company would dare share.

On the website, users can look at the company’s finding to decide for themselves if they want to buy the product.  Nothing puts trust in the company like providing the results of testing that the products had to go through.  Regardless of user testimony, it does come down to the function of the anti-radiation technology.

Striving for Greatness

SafeSleeve is not a company that is only out to make money.  They are interested in making a product that provides users with peace of mind while they use their electronic devices.  The quality that is poured into each case is visible and users love to use a product that works well.

One problem that some cases have is stopped the user from using their phone properly.  Ill-fitting cases can make it difficult to press the correct button, to hear the speaker, or even to use the phone at all.  The anti-radiation technology has to be crafted in a way that it does not interfere with how the phone works.

There is no worry that a SafeSleeve case will stop a person from making a phone call or send a message.  The anti-radiation technology works to direct radiation away but not to stop the signal from being transmitted out.

The company attempts to make as many perfectly fitted cases as possible.  This helps to avoid any accidental slipping out of a case.  It also stops the case from blocking any vital pieces in the phone.  A poorly fitted case can block the camera lens, buttons, or speaker making everything much more difficult to use.

Finding a company to trust is not an easy task.  Research is necessary to make sure every product purchase is going to deliver on the company’s promises.  A company that presents information readily makes it easier to make an educated decision.  When a company holds craftsmanship and quality over everything else it is clear in their product.

SafeSleeve – A Revolutionary Phone Case Protecting Users One Device At a Time

While reviewing phone cases people focus on durability, the aesthetics, and how well the case is able to protect the phone inside.  Most cases come a dime a dozen.  There are few differences between the quality of the cases since there are so many companies that want to produce cheap phone cases.  One company, SafeSleeve, has stepped up their game and completely revolutionized the phone case industry with anti-radiation phone cases. And that’s what were here to discuss at SafeSleeve Reviews. Does the SafeSleeve case actually do what it claims to do?


There is a split between smartphone users.  There are users that are confused by the need for anti-radiation technology and the users that are aware of the problem.  Not many people realize how dangerous their smartphone is and how it is potentially damaging our bodies.

As the smartphone industry is thriving there are many researchers that are looking into the possible harmful effects that these devices will have after long-term use.  Like many products smartphones could be found to have lasting damage to everyone that uses them.  Instead of waiting until it is too late to correct the problem SafeSleeve developed a product that helps to cut down on the amount of radiation that is absorbed while using an electronic device.



This is especially important with how many people use their smartphone on a regular basis.  There are many people that have their smartphone in their hand or pocket at all hours of the day.  The scary part is that while adults are using smartphones on a regular basis teenagers and children are on them even more.

There have been studies that have shown the younger a person is the easier it is for radiation to be absorbed.  The skull becomes thicker as people age and helps to protect against outside forces like radiation better.  Children who are using electronic devices on a regular basis are absorbing much more radiation than the adults around them.

The Case

The SafeSleeve cases are designed with radiation shielding technology.  This technology was developed to protect against multiple radiations that are produced by electronic devices.  The military grade technology will deter thermal radiation, ELF radiation, and RF radiation.  The case directs the radiation away from sensitive parts of the body while allowing for regular use of the device.

This company has used independent testing to study their product.  These tests have shown that radiation can be blocked up to ninety-five percent by using their cases.  That is a whole lot of peace of mind for anyone that is on their device on a regular basis.

Using the Product

Sometimes products fall flat from their intended purpose.  Usually, if something is used to make a situation or item safer it makes it much harder to handle or use.  Luckily, SafeSleeve cases do not have this issue.  These cases are made with the user in mind.  The cases are sleek and fit to their designated device beautifully.

The cases themselves are made to look like a regular phone case.  Depending on the device a person is ordering a case for there are multiple colors to choose from.  The company has designed cases for many of the big named phones on the market and has one size fits all cases for those devices that are not as well known.

Like any good electronic device case, it protects against falls and helps to protect the screen from becoming scratched.  There are a back cover and a front cover that is secured with a magnetic clasp.  This cover can be used as a stand, as well.

Plus there are slots for credit cards.  With these pockets, there is an added safety feature.  The case utilizes anti-RFID technology.  Which will deter anyone from stealing information from the cards that are in the case.

With all of these features, the SafeSleeve cases are a no-brainer.  They function as a protective case for electronic devices.  The cases themselves are crafted to be aesthetically pleasing.  It can function as a stand and a wallet.  Plus every user is protected against the radiation that they absorb on a daily basis as they use their device.  SafeSleeve is a must-have for everyone that uses a smartphone.

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Protect Against Electronic Device Radiation A Brand Above the Rest: SafeSleeve

There are many people that are aware of the problem that their electronic devices are presenting.  No, it is not being a major distraction, although they certainly can be, it is the problem of emitting dangerous radiation.  Anyone that is unaware of this issue should take note and everyone else that is already searching for a solution should look no further.  There is a possible solution in the SafeSleeve line of cases.

A Brief Overview of the Cases

The company SafeSleeve has been working to make cases that help to block harmful radiation from reaching electronic device users.  As these cases have been developed they have created specially fit cases for major brands of smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops.  All devices that can emit radiation and products that people use on a daily basis.

Do not worry about the style of these cases.  No one will be able to tell the difference between a typical case and the SafeSleeve case.  They are created to look just like a regular case, but they hold an added safety benefit.

The front flap of these cases has a plate that helps to block the radiation.  This plate is able to block up to ninety-nine percent of radiation frequencies and ninety-two percent of extremely low frequencies.  While having this plate all about the phone would help to block radiation completely, it would also block all usage of the device too.

This plate can stop a phone call from processing or a device from connecting to the internet if it surrounded the device completely.  By only having the plate on one side of the device the harmful radiation is stopped in its tracks and directed away.  Which is why it is important to have the plate in the right area during use.

While simply carrying a device around always have the front flap touching the body.  This directs the radiation away.  If using the device without the flap always keep it at least six to eight inches away from the body to maximize the chance of reducing radiation exposure.

Besides the radiation protection technology, each smartphone case comes equipped with a few credit card pockets.  The pockets have RFID blocking technology.  This technology stops someone from stealing the sensitive information on the card as the user carries them in the phone case.

The Biggest Culprit: The Smartphone

It would be difficult to find more than one person in a crowd that does not have a smartphone in their pocket.  Almost everyone is carrying around a smartphone.  Some use it for work while others use it for leisure.  Both users are being subjected to harmful radiation as they use their smartphones on a daily basis.

The scary part of this is that most people do not realize that they are in danger.  They are completely unaware that radiation is emitted from their device.  So they simply do not know they need to protect themselves.  Which makes a product that SafeSleeve smartphone cases even more necessary.

These cases are visually similar to other smartphone cases.  There is a case that wraps around the majority of the phone and a front flap that is secured by a magnet that is safe to have around electronic devices.  There are multiple colors the cases come in and each one has beautiful stitching to really make the product look pristine.

To protect the phone itself the inside of the front flap has a micro-fiber liner that is soft to the touch.  Under this liner, there is an insert that helps to absorb the impact from a fall.  Then come the lead-free anti-radiation and RFID blocking material that is a staple of the product.  Finally, the outside of the case is made from non-slip material to help reduce the instances of dropping the smartphone.

For ease of use, this smartphone case folds into a stand.  By bending the front cover back the case uses a tri-fold method to support the phone as the user watches videos.  A simple way to get the device out of a users hand and at a safe distance away.

Protecting a device against breaking if dropping is important to many users.  Some users look for cases that are specific to drop protection.  The impact resistance layer helps the phone stay in one piece if dropped.

Using the wallet in the smartphone case is convenient.  It can hold up to four cards making it easy to ditch the wallet in favor of the safer option.  With these four card slots, the RFID blocking technology stops anyone who attempts to steal information from these cards.

The most important aspect of this case is the radiation protection layer.  SafeSleeve is a company that is not interested in taking people’s money for a product that does not work.  They deliver on their promises in providing a great product that truly protects against radiation.  Unlike, many knock-off versions that have no studies to back up their claims.

One of the best parts of using SafeSleeve products is the diversity they bring to the table when it comes to product selection.  They continue to create new products that will fit a variety of brands perfectly.  If they do not have a case that fits the brand of phone a user owns they do have a one size fits all case that will do the trick.

Runner-Up: The Tablet

For all purposes, the tablet cases are simply large smartphone cases.  They have many of the same features of the smartphone case but lack the wallet portion since few people carry their cards with their tablet.  The case is able to be folded into a stand, which is even more helpful with the larger screens of the tablet.

The case does not close with the magnet strap.  Instead, there is a bungee that wraps around the back of the case to keep it secured.  Something that many cases lack is the ability to change the position of the tablet while using the stand.  This case uses a swivel to allow for the stand to let the tablet lay horizontally or switch to sitting vertically.

In terms of protection against radiation, the tablet case does have some flaws.  The front flap of the case will hold the plate that directs radiation away.  When using a smartphone a person may answer a call, close the front flap, and then press that plate to their ear to divert the radiation away.

A tablet does not have this capability.  The screen is the entire point of using a tablet.  There is no way to cover the screen with a protective plate and still be able to use it.  That does not mean that the case is not useful.

The case still protects the body while carrying the device around.  The plate can be positioned to direct the radiation away from the body during transport.  Plus while the device is sitting in the stand a person can sit or stand at least six to eight inches away to minimize the amount of radiation that is reaching them.

Finally: The Laptop

Laptops are designed to be placed directly on a person’s lap during use.  Many people do use a protective barrier like a table, desk, or other case but the SafeSleeve case helps to truly protect against radiation.  There are several damaging effects that radiation can have to the body and research is finding many are linking laptop usage to infertility.

By using the case the radiation that is being absorbed by the lap is directed away from the body.  The desk portion of this laptop case is what holds the anti-radiation technology.  Along with this technology, it helps to keep the laptop cooler as it runs.  Which not only helps the user, it helps the laptop from overheating.

It doubles as a carrying case.  The laptop slips into the sleeve of the case to allow the user to carry the laptop anywhere they go and still have access to the anti-radiation technology.  Once at their destination they can fold the mouse pad up and use it as a miniature desk for the laptop.

A Layer of Protection

When attempting to choose a product that claims to protect against radiation that comes from electronic devices do not leave the decision up to chance.  Choose a product that proves that it is able to deliver on their promises.  The SafeSleeve cases are tested in FCC accredited labs.

These findings are published on their website for any user to review.  With FCC accreditation any user can feel safe using a SafeSleeve product.  The cases are stylish, are multi-functional, and they The cases are stylish, are multi-functional, and they do what they say.  Protect their user from the harmful effects of radiation.

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Using a SafeSleeve Laptop Case: The Amazing Difference

The SafeSleeve company is like no other.  At one time this company started as a small dream from people who wanted to help others avoid the harmful effects of radiation that everyone encounters from their electronic device.  It has grown into much more with a variety of products that are specifically designed for different devices so everyone has access to the safety that they deserve.

Most people go through their life without feeling the desire to protect themselves from the radiation that is emitted from their electronic devices.  As these devices have become more prevalent there are studies that are showing that they may cause serious damage after long-term use.  Instead of waiting until this damage has been done SafeSleeve cases gives electronic device user’s the opportunity to protect themselves.

Radiation and Using a SafeSleeve Case

SafeSleeve cases are not a one trick pony.  They are able to protect against extremely low frequencies, radio frequencies, and thermal radiation.  Their cases are different from most on the market because they are not only functional as a case, but they are truly helping their user stay healthier.

The case itself does not stop the radiation from being emitted.  Instead, it directs the radiation away from the user to avoid any contact.  While this does not protect the user one-hundred percent, it is able to reduce over ninety-five percent of the radiation that would have been absorbed.

There are cases that can be used for laptops and cell phones.  With either device, it is as simple as putting on the case and forgetting about it. The case will always work to direct the radiation away from the body so the user can continue to use their devices without as much worry about the long-term effects.

Independent studies have been completed on the SafeSleeve cases.  The company provides their findings on their website.  They have measured the amount of radiation that the cases have been able to divert away from their users to show up to ninety-five percent is directed away from the body.

What’s The Big Deal?

There are many people that are extremely sensitive to this type of radiation. With a person who is sensitive to the radiation their devices are putting off, they can physically feel the effects of being near a device.  Although not everyone experiences this.

Even people who do not realize their body is being affected should worry about the long-term effects of radiation exposure. As these devices surround our bodies with these harmful waves there is damage being done. There is not enough research complete to show exactly what the long-term effects are going to be.  However, there are enough studies to know it is best to protect the body against this radiation before the effects become prevalent.

Many products that have been found to have lasting effects on the body are discovered when it is too late. This causes many people to unnecessarily suffer while research takes its time catching up. Fortunately, with the many studies on electronic devices, people are aware that these types of radiations are a problem and know that they need to correct it before it is too late.

Let’s Focus on the Case

The SafeSleeve case is not made to appear like a safety device, other than the fact it looks like a regular phone case. It is not bulky or obvious that it is protecting against the radiation that is emitted from electronic devices. In fact, they are made in multiple colors to allow users to still match their own style with the case and still be protected.

Some products that are ordered often give off a pre-packaged smell.  Whether it is from production or from sitting in a warehouse this smell can be very unpleasant. It may rub off onto clothing or people’s hands as they use their new product. Fortunately, this is not a problem with the SafeSleeve cases.

When specifically looking at the laptop case there are many more functions than just protecting against radiation. The laptop case is designed to help keep the device cooler as it is running. Even with a laptop that is kept on for a long period of time, it feels significantly cooler to the touch and the fan runs noticeably less. This helps users have the peace of mind that their device is not working too hard to run, especially, if they have to have it on for hours at a time.

These cases were made for travel. There is even a small mouse pad that flips out and allows the user to work virtually anywhere. Not only is the laptop better protected during travel, the user is also able to better utilize the device anywhere they go, without the major risks of radiation exposure.

Without a Doubt

A SafeSleeve case is a good investment. Whether a person is using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone it is something they should purchase. Every device that emits harmful radiation should have some degree of protection on it to help the user avoid as much of the radiation as possible.

While these cases do not protect one-hundred percent, their findings are backed by independent testing. The products are able to protect users up to ninety-five percent which is much greater than some of the imitation cases available. SafeSleeve is a great product to buy as a gift or for oneself to feel a little better about being on an electronic device all day long.

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